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Arcus is modern brand name of the world leader industrial light manufacturing plant  that was originally established over 120 years ago, in 1889, at the beginning of the era of industrial manufacturing that was moved forward by dramatic changes in the field of electricity – the time of creation of large scale electrical supply networks.

Arcus industrial light manufacturing plant was established to accommodate the need to illuminate using electricity the growing armada of manufacturing facilities including energy generating plants. Later arcus industrial light manufacturing plant provided lighting solutions to one of the world first subway stations and trains, military equipment, government facilities, hydroelectric power plants, and other industrial establishments of national and international value. At the time arcus plant was called Electro Light.

Later, arcus industrial light manufacturing plant received a name of honor after Pavel Yablochkov – the greatest inventor in the field of electric lighting, electric machines, galvanic cells and accumulators – the creator of the arc lamp. During the period of 1877-1880 world’s first arc lamps were installed in Paris and illuminated Grands Magasins du Luovre, Avenu de l’Opera, Place du Theatre Francais, and Paris hippodrome. Yablochkov’s inventions were so critical and advancing to the field of electrical engineering that one of the moon’s craters was named after him.